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Wednesday 31 Jan 2024 Analysis, Article, Export

The exciting world of Swiss wine, where viticultural excellence meets the history of family businesses dedicated to the art of wine. In February 2024, Paris will vibrate to the rhythm of tastings at the Wine Paris event, where the talent of Swiss winemakers will be in the spotlight. Discover the wineries present at this international event through short portraits.

Albert Mathier & Söhne AG

The Mathiers, established in Salquenen since 1387, are the guardians of a winegrowing history that has stood the test of time. The Albert Mathier & Fils SA winery is a family business that has been dedicated to the pleasure of wine lovers for 100 years. Immerse yourself in a world where tradition mingles with innovation, where accumulated experience and the diversity of grape varieties offer a palette of biodynamic wines, testifying to the constant evolution of this small family business.

Cave de la Côte

Between tradition and innovation, Cave de La Côte is located in the canton of Vaud on the shores of Lake Geneva. Since 1929, it has brought together 300 wine artisans on more than 450 hectares of land, with a range of emblematic estates. Immerse yourself in the diversity of their terroirs, where organic viticulture is making progress, hailed by awards such as Swiss Cellar of the Year in 2019.

Caves du Château d’Auvernier Henry Aloys Grosjean

Erected in 1559, Château d'Auvernier is the guardian of a four-century-old winemaking tradition. Under the direction of the 15ᵉ generation, represented by Henry Aloys Grosjean, discover how the estate is committed to organic, nature-friendly viticulture. Bordering Lake Neuchâtel, this generous terroir produces a varied range of wines, testifying to the harmony between tradition and sustainable development.

Domaine Jean-René Germanier SA

The history of the Jean-René Germanier winery, founded in 1896, resounds like a family epic spanning generations. Managed by Jean-René Germanier and his nephew Gilles Besse, the winery has been a pioneer in sustainable viticulture for over twenty-five years. Nestled in the heart of the Valais, it reveals the exceptional potential of the Swiss Rhone Valley through internationally award-winning wines, crafted with rigor and passion by a talented team of oenologists.

Domaine Matasci Vini

On the shimmering waters of Lake Maggiore, Domaine Matasci, a family-run wine nugget since 1921, embodies the soul of Ticino. Specializing in Merlot del Ticino, this winery embraces experience, dedication and attention to detail. Explore the different faces of Merlot through their unique expressions, capturing the very essence of this bewitching region.

Vinattieri Ticino SA

Vinattieri Ticino SA, managed by Michele Conceprio, offers an exciting winegrowing adventure south of the Alps. With 100 hectares of vineyards in a variety of micro-regions, Vinattieri crafts wines of character that celebrate the legacy of Luigi Zanini. Discover the story of this visionary, his love of Bordeaux wines, and how he changed the image of Ticino wine forever with the legendary Vinattieri Rosso, a 100% Merlot of exceptional quality.

Vini Delea Angelo SA

The story of Vini Delea Angelo SA began in 1983 in Losone, in the heart of Ticino, where Angelo Delea forged a passion that was passed on with dedication to his sons David and Cesare. Discover how the mild microclimate and rich soil of Ticino are the architects of an exceptional range of wines. Explore this innovative company, which, with over 40 employees, is committed to delivering a captivating experience with every sip.

Vinigma GmbH

In Basel, in the heart of the city, vinigma GmbH positions itself as a niche producer, unveiling exceptional Swiss wines that combine quality and originality. This urban winery, a veritable oenological treasure trove, seduces premium wine lovers with its strong character and innovative creations.

vinigma is an ambassador for national and international excellence, vinifying exceptional grapes from a variety of Swiss regions, including Valais and Basel. Quality, identity and integrity are the pillars of this company, celebrated for its wines that boldly reveal the unique character of each terroir.

Wine by JET

On the shores of Lake Zurich, Wine by JET is run by Jonas Ettlin, nicknamed "JET. This young, dynamic estate is steeped in a rich winegrowing tradition. Where the past meets the future, Wine by JET focuses on absolute quality, working in perfect symbiosis with nature.

Jonas Ettlin fuses know-how, experience and passion. With Wine by JET, he unveils a new era of exceptional wines on the shores of Lake Zurich. The philosophy here is simple yet powerful: cultivate the vines with the utmost care, intervene sparingly in the cellar and, above all, let the estate's unique terroir express itself. The result? Exclusive, organic wines with a clear signature and inimitable character.

As Paris prepares to welcome the international wine world, Swiss winemakers are ready to help you discover the treasures of Switzerland. From the shores of Lake Maggiore in Ticino, to the shores of Lake Geneva, via German-speaking Switzerland and the Valais, every sip of Swiss wine tells a story, a tradition and a dedication to excellence. May this exploration of Swiss wineries inspire you to discover these vintages at the event.

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