Swiss wines, an experience

Discover the many wine tourism destinations and activities located in the heart of the Alps! The diversity of its landscapes and grape varieties will delight your taste buds and your eyes.

Swiss Wine Tour

The ebooking of your wine tourism activities in Switzerland

Thanks to the Swiss Wine Tour, discover many wine tourism activities: tastings, walks, bike rides, boat rides or an experience in an exceptional cultural place.

At the heart of the harvest

"Au coeur des vendanges" (at the heart of the harvest) is an event that takes place when summer is coming to an end, when the grapes are gorged with sugar and the vines are discreetly adorned with touches of gold: it is harvest time. This event takes place throughout Switzerland and aims to allow visitors to discover the harvest period. This moment is the consecration of the work accomplished throughout the year by wine producers. During a half-day, visitors are immersed in the harvest work alongside the producers to experience moments of rare intensity through demanding but very rewarding work. It is also an opportunity to share and discuss the wine. creation process in order to discover all its secrets.

Great Wine Capitals

Great Wine Capitals Global Network (GWC) est un réseau international qui regroupe aujourd’hui dix grandes métropoles internationales reconnues à travers le monde pour la qualité de leur régions viticoles, tant sur le plan économique que culturel. Ce réseau vise à favoriser les échanges commerciaux, touristiques et pédagogiques entre ses différentes villes membres. L'adhésion de Lausanne GWC a pour objectif de faire rayonner l'ensemble du vignoble Suisse à l'international.

Best Of Wine Tourism

As part of Great Wine Capitals Network, Switzerland participates in the "Regional Best Of Wine Tourism". These prizes distinguish the offers, individual or collective, contributing to the promotion of Swiss wine tourism. It is aimed at all players in the world of wine, tourism, gastronomy, terroir, heritage, etc. The purpose of the Best Of Wine Tourism is to reward initiatives from the following categories:

  • Architecture / Landscapes

  • Art/Culture

  • Discovery/Innovation

  • Environment / Development

  • Catering / Hospitality

  • Services / Organisation

  • … as well as a category specifically dedicated to artisans

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