Who we are

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Swiss Wine Promotion (SWP) is the national promotion body for Swiss wines. SWP is mandated by the Interprofession de la Vigne et du Vin Suisse (IVVS) to promote the image of Swiss wines in Switzerland and abroad, manage the marketing, communication, media and image strategy as well as its implementation.

Our activities should help to position Swiss wine as a product with high added value and to increase the creation of added value at the level of the wine industry as a whole. The actions of SWP highlight the centuries-old traditions, know-how and diversity of our numerous vineyards and the cultural heritage of our country.

To achieve this, we communicate using the Swiss Wine brand. This communication revolves around 4 pillars: Gastronomy, Retail, Major Events and Export.

SWP is the only organisation representing the wine sector to be able to submit co-financing applications to the Federal Office for Agriculture (FOAG). Co-financed projects must imperatively have a national vocation and meet the selection criteria defined by the committee and FOAG. All the activities implemented by SWP meet the "Quality" strategy developed by FOAG.

Swiss Wine, the brand

The red and white Swiss Wine logo, identity colours of Switzerland, underlines "Swissness" and recalls the 6 wine regions. It was created in 2014 by entrepreneur, journalist and designer Tyler Brûlé.

Fragmented vineyards

The Swiss vineyard terroir was a source of inspiration. The motif used for the logo and the visual identity refers to the well-ordered terraces of the vineyards and the fragmented patchwork of the terroir seen from the sky. It also illustrates the complex nature of the Swiss wine industry, with its array of small independent vineyards.

The Swiss influence influences

There is no Swiss cross in the logo. There are few symbols that convey the image of Swiss quality so succinctly. The idea was to keep some elements of the Swiss cross and use them in a new and subtle way. The logo's square shape and colour symbolise Switzerland. But if you look closely you can see a graphic representation of the six wine regions.

Logo development

The lines represent the vineyards, and the colours, in addition to being those of the Swiss flag, represent the grapes: red and white. Combining these elements with bold, clean typography results in something that represents complexity, the search for perfection and superior quality.

Switzerland. Naturally.