SWINIS: A playful and educational Journey through the Swiss vineyards for little explorers

Thursday 23 Nov 2023 Article

Embark your young adventurers on a fascinating journey through the Swiss vineyards with the new book 'SWINIS'. This "search and find" book is an invitation to explore the cultural riches and traditional heritage of our country, seen through the eyes of endearing characters and set in beautifully illustrated surroundings.

A tour of Switzerland in pages

The adventure begins in the Lake Geneva region, passes through historic sites and enchanting landscapes, and then transports you to the picturesque traditions and festivities of Switzerland. From the shores of the Canton of Geneva to the valleys of Ticino, each page is a discovery filled with captivating details to observe and find.

Learning by playing

It's not just a book; it's a treasure hunt through six emblematic vineyard regions, depicted on richly colored and storied double-pages. Your children will be delighted to find hidden objects on each page, thus stimulating their curiosity and observational skills.

An educational tool for everybody

"SWINIS" is more than just a children's book. It is an educational tool designed to awaken young people's interest in our cultural heritage and Swiss traditions. Available in German, French, and Italian, it's the perfect gift to introduce children from 2 years old to the joys of discovery and learning.

A creative collaboration

The book was developed by Val Expérience editions and Swiss Wine Promotion, ensuring authenticity and respect for the traditions and diversity of the Swiss vineyards. The captivating illustrations by the artist Julien Valentini from Sierre add a touch of magic to every page.


Don't wait any longer to offer your children a unique and educational experience. "SWINIS - Discover the Swiss Vineyards" is available at www.swinis.ch. Embark on this extraordinary journey and share unforgettable moments with your little explorers!

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