Focus on a dynamic year filled with challenges

Thursday 29 Jun 2023 Press release

The General Assembly of Swiss Wine Promotion SA (SWP) was held on June 22 at Centro Studi - Villa Negroni in Vezia (TI). A very positive assessment was made of the promotional activities in 2022. SWP is intensively pursuing the implementation of nationwide actions with summer and autumn campaigns. The proposals of the Board of Directors were unanimously approved.

Approval of consolidated accounts and annual report

During the General Assembly on June 22, held at Villa Negroni in Vezia (TI), SWP shareholders approved the annual report and the 2022 accounts. The shareholders widely applauded the rigorous management of commitments, the creativity of promotional actions, and the strengthened synergies with different regional organizations and partners. They also granted discharge of their management to the members of the Board of Directors and the Management.

Focus on the year 2022

2022 was the year of launching SWP's strategy with enhanced visibility of Swiss wines' identity. Despite a less productive 2021 harvest, promotional activities are progressing to maintain interest in Swiss wines. The development of partnerships with private actors and the wine industry has opened new initiatives for the coming years.

The Open Cellars and the "At the Heart of the Harvest" project, remain the two standout events of the year. They strengthen the bond between wineries and our target audiences. The participation rate demonstrates the strong interest of Swiss customers in this type of event.

The new visual identity of the Swiss Wine Gourmet label was accompanied by an upgrade of the label for restaurateurs. The evolution of the label aims to highlight establishments offering a diverse selection of Swiss wines that are representative of their region and demonstrate their commitment to the Swiss vineyard.

The distribution and retail sector continues its development with major brands. This sector, highly competitive due to imports, remains a priority for promoting Swiss wines.

A challenge met through intense commitment

According to Mr. Robert Cramer, Chairman of the Board of Directors, "Securing the necessary funding for our ambitious promotion strategy was a massive challenge in 2022! We have overcome this challenge by securing an increase in the funds allocated by the Confederation for promotion, from 2.8 to 9 million for 2023. When supplemented by external financing, this amounts to approximately 18 million, as outlined in our strategic plan for 2022-2025."

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