At the Heart of the Harvest 2023, four time more pleasure!

Tuesday 27 Jun 2023 Press release

“At the Heart of the Harvest" is the must-attend event on your autumn agenda. Swiss Wine Promotion (SWP), the national promotional organisation for Swiss wines, is organizing the third consecutive edition of "At the Heart of the Harvest." To meet the enthusiasm of participants and wineries, the 2023 edition will take place on two weekends: September 23rd, 24th, 30th and October 1st. Four dates, four time the opportunity to immerse yourself in the heart of the Swiss vineyards!

The event "At the Heart of the Harvest" was initiated in 2018 by Swiss Wine Valais. Later, this innovative and promising project for Swiss wines was taken over by Swiss Wine and regional promotional offices on a national scale in 2021. With the participation of over 60 wineries and more than 800 apprentice grape pickers, the first two editions (2021 and 2022) was a huge success. The commitment of winemakers, media coverage, and positive feedback from wineries and participants confirm Swiss Wine's intention to repeat the event in 2023.

"At the Heart of the Harvest" arrives when summer is coming to an end, grapes are filled with sugar, and vineyards subtly adorn themselves with golden hues—it's harvest time.

This event, taking place throughout Switzerland, aims to give consumers the opportunity to discover the process of wine creation from vine to cellar. This moment is the culmination of the year-round work by winemakers. During a half-day, visitors are immersed at the heart of the harvest alongside passionate producers to experience privileged moments with them. Apprentice grape pickers discover the demanding and complex work, close to nature and in a community setting.

"What I appreciated most about the first edition of 'At the Heart of the Harvest' was the closeness with the winemakers and their willingness to share their know-how. Discovering their work for a day was very instructive! The event ended with a superb meal." Testimonial from a participant in 2021.

To meet this enthusiasm, SWP is extending the event to two weekends: September 23rd, 24th, 30th ans October 1st! Save these dates in your calendar now and don't miss the ticket sales opening on August 1st, 2023.

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