Swiss wine weeks

Swiss Wine's "Swiss Wine Weeks" project to promote Swiss wines at local wine shops.

Les semaines des vins suisses ©Swiss Wine Promotion

"Swiss Wine, only for you" — Enjoy authentic Swiss wine near you!

Swiss wine lovers, local wine enthusiasts: Discover our national campaign "Swiss Wine Weeks" under the slogan "Only for you", which showcases Switzerland's rich viticultural heritage at local wine shops.

Visit your local Swiss wine shop from September 1st to November 30th 2024 for a journey to the heart of Switzerland's terroirs.

Swiss Wine : Les semaines des vins suisses.

Support local producers and enjoy the taste of Switzerland

Our campaign objective is to encourage responsible consumption by promoting local products. Join us in celebrating the richness of our terroirs by enjoying Swiss quality wines produced next to your doorstep.

Participating Wine Shops

Please wait a little longer we will be announcing the participating wine shops 2024 very soon.

Switzerland. Naturally.