Valais - A Swiss paradise for wine explorers at 67 Pall Mall in London

Friday 10 Mar 2023

By Simon Hardy DipWSET

London, March 10, 2023. Valais, Switzerland’s largest wine region, proved a popular theme in the event calendar at 67 Pall Mall in London.

The tasting events organised at the 67 Pall Mall wine club are one of the big attractions for the club’s 4,000 members. Each year the programme includes at least two tastings focused on Switzerland. In the spring this year, the Valais region was chosen as the latest Swiss-themed event. The region’s key features make it worthy of special attention: unique Alpine terroir formed by the receding glaciers, a sunny climate making it the country’s driest thanks to the protection of the Alps and the birthplace of the River Rhône.

A Valaisan winemaker as co-host

Anouck Dann, responsible for production and vinification at "Les Celliers de Vétroz" in the Valais, joined Simon Hardy, Swiss wine ambassador at 67 Pall Mall, to present a selection of white, red and sweet wines from the region. Anouck truly brought the region to life in the answers she gave to the many questions, drawing on her daily work experiences.

Showcasing Switzerland’s unique grape varieties

One of the delights of exploring Valaisan wines is discovering the number of native varieties that grow only in this region including Chasselas, Petite Arvine and Amigne, Cornalin and Humagne Rouge. Wines made from each of these grapes by a range of producers were featured in the tasting line-up. The event was very well-attended and several of the wines were a real discovery for many in the audience.

To conclude the evening, all the participants were rewarded with another Valaisan speciality : a complimentary bar of Swiss chocolate filled with Williams pear brandy.

The wines presented :


Rouvinez - Caves Orsat 13 Etoiles 2021 (welcome drink)

Jean-René Germanier: Fendant Les Terrasses 2020

Jean-René Germanier: Petite Arvine 2019

Les Celliers de Vétroz: Gamme Ronde 2020 (Amigne)            


Les Celliers de Vétroz: Pinot Noir Rouis - Origines & Lieux-Dits 2021

Domaine des Muses: Humagne Rouge 2020

Domaine des Muses: Cornalin 2019

Les Celliers de Vétroz: Syrah 2020

Les Celliers de Vétroz: Sonata 2021 (Cornalin, Humagne Rouge, Syrah)        


Les Celliers de Vétroz: Rhapsodie 2012 (Amigne)

Switzerland. Naturally.