Swiss Wines Perform Well in Competitions

In recent weeks, the results of various wine competitions have been announced. Swiss wines have made a sensation at these international competitions, confirming their excellence and their ability to compete with the best wines in the world.

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Wednesday 03 Jul 2024 Tasting

Concours Mondial de Bruxelles

At the beginning of June, experts from the international wine industry gathered in Mexico for the Concours Mondial de Bruxelles, where they tasted nearly 7500 white and red wines from 42 countries around the world. Switzerland was well represented and showed an improvement compared to the previous year. The best-performing wine was the "Les Titans - Petite Arvine 2020" from the Provins winery. This white wine from Valais won a Grand Gold Medal and the "Switzerland Revelation" award.

Additionally, 24 other Swiss wines won a gold medal, and 23 won a silver medal.

All the results for Swiss wines can be found here.

Decanter World Wine Award

The Decanter World Wine Award (DWWA) is one of the largest wine competitions in the world. Every year, around 250 wine experts gather in London for a week.

At this year's edition, Switzerland impressed the jury with its elegant wines. It received three gold medals, one platinum medal, and a Best in Show for the "Martigny Petite Arvine 2022" from Domaine Gérald Besse.

"The Petite Arvine is the jewel of Valais," praised DWWA co-chair Andrew Jefford. This white wine is an excellent example of the grape variety's ability to be both fresh and bold in its home region and to reflect the beautiful Swiss landscape, said Jefford.

In total, 109 Swiss wines received an award. All the results for Swiss wines at Decanter 2024 can be found here.

Mondial des Pinots

Switzerland, in relation to its vineyard area, is the country with the largest Pinot Noir production in the world. In almost all cantons of the country, this grape is the most important red variety. It is therefore logical that the VINEA association organizes an international wine competition dedicated exclusively to this grape variety and its genetic mutations, Pinot Gris and Pinot Blanc.

The award ceremony for the 27th edition of the Mondial des Pinots took place on June 27, 2024, in Basel. The awarded medals show that Pinots are increasingly thriving even in more northern vineyards. Proof of this are the two Grand Gold medals awarded to Switzerland: for the Pinot Noir Barrique 2022 AOC Aargau from Büchli Weine in Effingen AG and for the OEil-de-Perdrix Légende 2023 AOC Neuchâtel from Domaine Bouvet-Jabloir in Auvernier.

All the results can be viewed here.

Mondial du Merlot & Assemblages

At the 17th edition of the Mondial du Merlot & Assemblages, Ticino once again demonstrated the potential of its main grape variety by winning 23 of the 59 gold medals. The prizes for the best wine of the competition went to a German wine, for the best Swiss Merlot to a Lucerne wine, and for the best Assemblage to a Valais wine. The Gran Maestro prize for a series of three consecutive vintages was awarded to three Ticino wines.

The full list of winners can be found here.

Mondial du Chasselas

At the Mondial du Chasselas 2024, 740 samples were tasted. This year's edition was marked by a record participation of foreign (especially German) Chasselas: 129 (17.4%) were entered, a remarkable result for a grape variety that is rarely cultivated outside Switzerland. At the first edition in 2012, it was only 8.8%.

To allow an ever-wider audience to taste the variety of Chasselas wines, six free tastings will be organized in six symbolic locations in Western Switzerland.

Further information about the ranking and the 2024 events can be found here.

BioVino 2024

BioVino is the only Swiss competition that awards winegrowers who produce wine according to organic regulations or Bio Suisse and Demeter guidelines.

On June 28, 2024, in Zurich, in the presence of the winners and the press, the results were announced. The 70 guests present were able to taste the winning wines and appreciate the excellence of Swiss organic wines.

All the results of BioVino 2024 can be found here.

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