At the Heart of the Harvest: in its 3rd Event Extended Over 4 days!

Au coeur des vendanges 2023 ©Swiss Wine Promotion
Tuesday 08 Aug 2023 Wine Tourism

Swiss Wine Promotion (SWP), the national body for the promotion of Swiss wines, is organising for the weekends of 23-24 September and 30 September/1 October, the 3rd "At the heart of the harvest" autumnal event. Taking place over four days, the event will be able to meet the enthusiasm of the participants, while providing wineries with greater flexibility. Tickets are on sale on !

Established in 2018 by Swiss Wine Valais, "At the Heart of the Harvest" was an innovative project for Swiss wines, presenting a lot of potential. In 2021, the project was taken over by Swiss Wine and regional promotion offices throughout Switzerland. The first two events (2021 and 2022) were very successful and saw the participation of more than 60 wineries and more than 800 wine-making enthusiasts. The passionate commitment of winemakers, the media coverage and the positive response from both the cellars and the participants encouraged Swiss Wine to renew this event in 2023 for the third time.

"At the heart of the harvest" comes at a time when summer is coming to an end, the grapes are filled with sugar and the vines are adorned with subtle golden touches: harvest time! This event, which takes place throughout Switzerland, offers consumers the unique opportunity to discover the wine-making process, from the vineyard to the cellar. It rewards the hard work done throughout the year by winemakers.

For half a day, visitors will be immersed in the heart of the grape harvesting process alongside passionate producers, experiencing memorable moments in their company. Harvest enthusiasts will have the opportunity to discover the demands and complexity of this work, in harmony with nature and within a genuine community.

In order to meet the enthusiasm generated by this event, SWP has extended the event over two weekends: 23-24 September and 30 September-1 October. Tickets are available on

"At the heart of the harvest", a unique opportunity to experience the excitement of the harvest directly from the heart of Swiss vineyards. Information and tickets on

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