A day in the Geneva wine region: where urban life meets viticulture

Viticulture in Geneva? The city with international flair also has a long wine-growing tradition. This can be discovered in many ways: With an adventurous escape game, a visit to a winery or a fine meal by Lake Geneva.

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Friday 28 Jun 2024 Gastronomy, Wine Tourism

An escape game in the middle of the vines

Geneva is not necessarily associated with vines. The city is more likely to be associated with its status as a global diplomatic and banking centre. Yet the first vineyards are located just a few kilometres outside the city centre.

This is home to the Cave de Genève, the largest company in the wine sector in the canton of Geneva. The winery offers various activities - such as an escape game in the middle of the vines.

In an entertaining scavenger hunt, participants must track down a lost pair of fruit shears. Because without them, the grapes cannot be harvested!

Escape Game Satigny

Team spirit, skill, and a sense of direction are required to successfully complete the mission. At the same time, the escape game is a fun way to learn more about wine.

An aperitif in the largest wine-growing community in Switzerland

Regardless of whether there was enough time to solve the task or not, an aperitif is a must after the escape game. The Domaine des Vignolles is located in Satigny, the largest wine-growing municipality in Switzerland. From the winery, you can see as far as the centre of Geneva and the imposing wooden sphere of CERN.

Swiss Wine Summer 2024

The tasting is a great opportunity to sample the different types of wine produced in the region. Gamay and Chasselas are among the most widely cultivated grapes.

Here, winegrower Laurent Vulliez reveals more about his work.

Fine food and drink at the Restaurant du Creux-de-Genthod

A visit to the Geneva wine region would not be complete without a visit to the impressive Lake Geneva. This is best combined with a fine meal - for example at the Restaurant du Creux-de-Genthod. When the weather is fine, you can see as far as the famous Jet d'Eau from the terrace.

Due to its location directly on the water, fish plays a major role in the restaurant. The popular perch fillets meunière are not to be missed! In addition to the appetising menu, the restaurant's wine selection has nothing to hide.

Restaurant du Creux-de-Genthod

No wonder: the "Creux-de-Genthod" has been awarded the Swiss Wine Gourmet label - with three glasses to boot. This means that the restaurant has an excellent selection of Swiss wines.

Further inspiration for restaurants with local wines on offer can be found on the Swiss Wine Gourmet website. There are already over 1000 restaurants across Switzerland listed there that have been awarded the label of the same name.

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