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Lake and river fish, seafood, shellfish
Puff pastry, quiches

About the grape variety

An old German variety from the Landau region (Rheinland-Pfalz) where it was first mentioned in 1546, Räuschling was once also widespread in Württemberg, Alsace and northern Switzerland. Its name most likely came from the verb "rauschen", in reference to the sound of the wind through the dense foliage. The paternity test has determined that Räuschling is a natural cross between Gouais and Savagnin, both very common in the Middle Ages in Europe. Räuschling has now almost disappeared from its region of origin and is only found in German-speaking Switzerland (Zürich, St. Gallen and Schwyz). It produces light wines, with good acidity, undoubtedly inherited from its parents, offering delicate notes of lemon.


Räuschling produces light wines with citrus notes and, generally, pronounced acidity. This grape variety has impressive aging potential; over time it increasingly resembles a Riesling.

Distribution of grape varieties

Räuschling is grown in several wine regions

German-speaking Switzerland
Three Lakes
Switzerland. Naturally.