Petite Arvine

Grape variety White

Crustaceans (langoustines, lobster)
Cheese (fondue, raclette, cheese platter)

About the grape variety

This emblematic variety of Valais (Switzerland) was already mentioned in 1602 under the name of Arvena, which could mean "just arrived". This etymology might be explained by the fact that this grape variety is an orphan: DNA tests found no parents. Its alleged Roman origins are not based on serious arguments. Often called Petite Arvine, as opposed to Grosse Arvine, of which it is probably an ancestor, Arvine is almost exclusively grown in Valais where it gives dry or sweet (raisined grapes) wines of international stature, with aromas of citrus fruits and with invigorating acidity. It is also found in very small quantities in other Swiss cantons as well as inthe Aosta Valley (I) and in France.

This variety can be used to make sweet wines according to the Grain Noble - ConfidenCiel charter


Associated name: Petite Arvine

Arvine produces complex, nervous wines with aromas of citrus fruits, wisteria and rhubarb, with a voluptuous structure and a characteristic salinity on the finish.

Distribution of grape varieties

Arvine is grown in several wine regions

Three Lakes
The wine region Geneva
Switzerland. Naturally.