Humagne Blanche

Grape variety White

White-fleshed fish (Sea bass, Sea bream, Perch fillets)
Mushroom casserole
Mature hard cheeses

About the grape variety

Humagne Blanc was mentioned in Valais (Switzerland) in a parchment document in 1313 alongside Rèze, making it one of the oldest grape varieties in Europe. DNA tests show that it is the parent of Lafnetscha and Himbertscha and that it could have ancestral origins in the Pyrénées-Atlantiques (F). Its name derives from the Greek hylomaneus = abundant. It has nothing to do genetically with Humagne Rouge. A late and vigorous grape variety, Humagne Blanc was one of the most widespread grape varieties in Valais until the 19th century.


Associated names: Humagne, Humagne Blanc, Miousat (Pyrénées-Atlantique in France)

Humagne Blanche produces wines that are delicate, elegant, with notes of lime tree, hazelnuts, tending towards resin with age, with an elegant texture.

Distribution of grape varieties

Humagne Blanche is grown in several wine region

Switzerland. Naturally.