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About the grape variety

Emblematic of French-speaking Switzerland, Chasselas is a very old grape variety originating in the Lake Geneva region where it was already known as Fendant in the 17th century, in reference to its berries, which split (se fendent in French) under pressure from fingers. Canton Vaud gradually stopped using the name of the grape variety in favour of village or cru appellations, so that since 1966 the name Fendant has been protected for exclusive use in Valais, where the grape variety was introduced in 1848. A great revealer of terroirs, Chasselas or Fendant is the most widespread white grape variety in Switzerland, grown mainly in Vaud, Valais, Geneva and Neuchâtel. An early and delicate grape, both in the vineyard and in the cellar, Chasselas gives subtle and elegant wines that are to be savoured as an aperitif or with meals.


Other names: Fendant, Gutedel

Chasselas wines are wonderful revealers of terroir. They offer a subtle but vast aromatic palette. Despite its low natural acidity, Chasselas can acquire, with aging, aromas of honey, elderflower, chamomile, with a creamy texture, almost oily, as opposed to the friskiness of its youth with notes of white flowers, flint , butter or lemon.

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Chasselas is grown in several wine regions

The wine region Geneva
Three Lakes
German-speaking Switzerland
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