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About the grape variety

Originally from Austria, Johannisberg (Silvaner) is a natural cross between Savagnin Blanc (Heida in Valais) and Österreichisch Weiß, an old Austrian grape variety. Its name comes from the Latin silva (forest), indicating an alleged wild origin. In Switzerland, it is grown mainly in Valais where it is called Johannisberg in reference to a famous wine estate in Rheingau (D).

Silvaner lends itself to the creation of semi-sweet and sweet wines. It has an impressive aging potential.

This variety can be used to make sweet wines according to the Grain Noble - ConfidenCiel charter


The grape variety of Johannisberg is Silvaner.

Johannisberg (Silvaner) wines have notes of orchard fruits and almonds with hints of flowers. On the palate: a pleasing bitterness and moderate acidity.

Distribution of grape varieties

Johannisberg (Silvaner) is grown in several wine regions



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