Grape variety Red

Lamb, grilled pork meat, roast chicken
Pasta with tomato sauce
Slightly spicy dishes
Cherry- or chocolate-based desserts

Associated names: Rouge du Pays, Landroter, Rouge du Valais

This grape variety offers aromas of black cherry, violet and raspberry, dense and silky tannins, and a pleasant touch of bitterness on the finish.

About the grape variety

Traditionally called Rouge du Pays, this old Valais (Switzerland) grape variety was renamed Cornalin in 1972, borrowing the name of a variety from the Aosta Valley. The choice anticipated DNA tests which show that it is a natural cross between two Aosta grape varieties, Petit Rouge and Mayolet. Born in the Aosta Valley, it was probably introduced to Valais a very long time ago via the Grand Saint Bernard pass, as it was disappearing from its valley of origin. On the verge of extinction in Valais, it was saved by a handful of enthusiasts in the 1970s, to the point where it has now become the emblematic red of Valais where it is exclusively grown. Difficult to cultivate, with variable yields, Cornalin gives colourful, fruity and juicy wines, with silky tannins and a rich bitterness.

Distribution of grape varieties

Cornalin is grown in several wine regions

Switzerland. Naturally.