Grape variety Red

Grilled red meats
Risottos, pasta or dishes with tomato sauce
Fruit tart

About the grape variety

This variety, whose parents are unknown, gave rise, with Completer, to two plants that have almost disappeared, Bondoletta from Ticino and Hitzkircher from Lucerne. Formerly the most widespread grape variety in Ticino (Switzerland) where it was already mentioned in 1785 , Bondola was quickly supplanted by Merlot, introduced after the phylloxera crisis in 1906. DNA testing has shown that Bondola and Briegler from German-speaking Switzerland are identical.

A variety with rustic tannins and a pronounced acidity, today it is only grown in Ticino, particularly in Sopraceneri.

Other name: Briegler


Bondola gives intensely coloured, fruity, crisp wines with notes of sour cherries and peony, showing rustic but pleasant tannins, with an alpine character. Bondola is often blended with other grape varieties such as Barbera and Freisa to produce Nostrano IGT.

Distribution of grape varieties

Bondola is grown in several wine regions

Switzerland. Naturally.