The “Semaine du Goût”: Two winemakers godfathers of the 2024 edition!

Monday 04 Mar 2024 Article

The “Semaine du Goût”, which will take place from September 12th to 22nd, is a national celebration dedicated to the flavors and culinary diversity of Switzerland. This week aims to promote local products, raise awareness about the importance of sustainability, and encourage the population to discover the culinary riches of the country. Join us for an unforgettable tasting experience, where you can sample exceptional wines, enjoy delicious dishes, and explore Swiss culinary traditions.

For this edition, Gian-Battista von Tscharner and his son Johann-Baptista, winemakers and owners of the Reichenau castle, have been chosen as godfathers of the 2024 “Semaine du Goût”. This is only the second time in the history of this national event that a winemaker has been selected as an ambassador of Taste, following Marie-Thérèse Chappaz in 2009. What makes this year's event even more special is that father and son will jointly represent Swiss Taste.

Perched at the confluence of the anterior and posterior Rhine, Reichenau Castle enjoys a privileged location as the gateway to the ancient trade route between Chur and Tirano, the entrance to Italy. This trade route has turned into a culinary journey leading to Engadine and Valposchiavo via the Bernina Pass.

Within the walls of Reichenau Castle reside the Von Tscharner winemakers, renowned as some of the best in Switzerland. Their vineyard was among the first to be admitted to the "Mémoire des vins suisses" association in 2004, highlighting the aging potential of Swiss wines, with their Pinot Noir leading the way. Additionally, they are captivated by the lesser-known grape variety Completer, which they describe as the "Queen of Swiss white wines."

In addition to winemaking, the winemaking cultivate nearly two tons of asparagus each year in sandy soils along the Rhine.

Nicolas Joss, director of Swiss Wine Promotion, describes the Von Tscharner duo as "generous, colorful, and passionate ambassadors, reflecting their wines that illuminate Swiss wine."

From September 12th to 22nd, explore the richness of the Swiss terroir and discover the essence of Swiss winemaking with Gian-Battista and Johann-Baptista von Tscharner, the passionate ambassadors of the “Semaine du Goût”.

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