Great Wine Capitals: A national partnership with Swiss Wine Promotion

Friday 10 Dec 2021 Communiqué


As agreed with the City of Lausanne and the Vaud Œnotourisme association (AVOE), the management of the activities of Lausanne Great Wine Capitals will be entrusted to Swiss Wine Promotion (SWP) for the extended representation of all Swiss vineyards. A partnership agreement was signed for this purpose at the 219th Lausanne Wine Auction.


Great Wine Capitals Global Network (GWC) is the only network in existence, bringing together eleven leading international cities which share a major economic and cultural asset: their world-renowned wine region. From “Old Europe” to “New World”, the member cities are Adelaide, South Australia, Bilbao | Rioja (Spain), Bordeaux (France), Cape Town (South Africa), Lausanne (Switzerland), Mainz | Rheinhessen (Germany), Mendoza (Argentina), Porto (Portugal), San Francisco | Napa Valley (USA) and Valparaìso | Casablanca Valley (Chile), and Verona (Italy), and they are joining forces to promote commercial, tourist and educational exchanges.


The City of Lausanne joined this network in 2018 with the primary desire to place Switzerland on the world map of prestigious wine and wine tourism destinations and to grow its reputation in the wine industry.


To date, Lausanne activities, which are linked to the GWC network, have been carried out by AVOE. To strengthen the position of Lausanne Great Wine Capitals and build on the activities of its network, as well as its development at national level, a new collaboration was negotiated between the City of Lausanne and the management of SWP starting on 1 January 2022 for a period of three years. Through this new partnership agreement, the City of Lausanne and SWP hope that the entire Swiss viticulture can benefit from the opportunities presented by this international network and further enhance the reputation of Swiss wine abroad. This new partnership will allow Lausanne to evolve under the patronage of the national body for the promotion of Swiss wines, which will facilitate the development of its activities and the search for partners, particularly financial ones.


Natacha Litzistorf, Director of Housing, Environment and Architecture, says: The City of Lausanne and Swiss Wine Promotion hope that the entire Swiss viticulture ds can benefit from the opportunities presented by this international network to grow the reputation of Swiss wines abroad and strengthen the positioning of the City of Lausanne as the capital of Swiss wines.


Wine tourism is central to the promotion of Swiss wines. This promotional tool allows consumers to live the experience of our wines, create connections with producers and stimulate direct sales, highlights Robert Cramer, President of Swiss Wine Promotion.




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