Savagnin blanc

Originating in the vast region covering the north-east of France and the south-east of Germany, Savagnin Blanc is a very old variety, also known under the name of Traminer, which has many natural offsprings, such as Sylvaner (Johannisberg in Valais), Chenin Blanc, Sauvignon Blanc and Gru?ner Veltliner, to name a few.
In Switzerland, it is recorded for the first time in 1586 in Haut Valais under the name Heida, a very old appellation translated as Païen (pagan) in Bas Valais, in reference to ancient times, before Christianity. Its cultivation is constantly increasing as Heida or Païen is a highly structured wine, with notes of citrus and exotic fruits, and great potential for ageing.

Associated names :

Paien, Heida, Traminer