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Vaud - Geography

Climate Soils

The combined forces of glaciers, rivers and mountains have produced a prodigious diversity of soils in the canton of Vaud. This enormous variety is reflected in the great number of subtle nuances in the bouquets of Vaud's Chasselas wines.

Some of the canton's most interesting soil compositions:
Villeneuve - magnesium and some gypsum content,
Yvorne - scree and marl, landside soils
Aigle - alluvial and landside soils,
Ollon and Bex - high gypsum content.

La Côte
Moraine with varied soil compositions: clay, chalk and all types of minerals.
Lakeside - gravely soils with low limestone content.

Moraine with varied soils.
Dézaley - layers of puddingstone.

North Vaud
Bonvillars and Orbe:
Moraine and limestone soils.

Sandstone soil compositions of calcareous rock with sand and clay.


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