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"The canton of Vaud is divided into four main areas. La Côte stretches out in the western part of the basin of the Lake of Geneva, with Féchy and Mont-sur-Rolle in the centre, and terms of origin of Vinzel, Perroy and Aubonne on each side. The Lavaux region, extending from Lausanne to Vevey-Montreux, encompasses the canton's most famous vineyard, the Dézaley. Its terraces cling to the abrupt slopes between Epesses and St Saphorin, which overhang the Lake. Villeneuve's vineyards, in the eastern part of the basin of the Lake of Geneva, already belong to the Chablais area, which stretches out on the right bank of the Rhône as far as Bex and going through Yvorne and Aigle. The north of the canton of Vaud brings together the terms of origin of Bonvillars, Côtes de l'Orbe and Vully on the banks of the Lake of Neuchâtel.
Vaud is placed as the second wine-producing region of Switzerland. It above all distinguishes itself by its fresh and fruity white wines from the Chasselas grape, whose refinement and multiple flavours reflect the great diversity of the region's soils. Red wines from the Gamay and the Pinot Noir varieties represent about a quarter of the production.
The famous Fête des Vignerons, a popular and ritual show celebrated only once every 25 years, is the most authentic expression of Vaud's deeply rooted wine-tradition."

Bordered by the Jura to the west and the Alps to the east, the canton of Vaud produces a quarter of the Swiss wines. Vaud's long tradition of wine-producing dates back to the Dézaley's vineyards cultivated from the Middle Age onward by Cistercian monks. Today, the canton of Vaud offers two great vintages (Dézaley and Calamin) and 26 wines with the appellation d'origine contrôlée – AOC (controlled term of origin). These include a wide range of exquisite white wines coming from the Chasselas grape and a great number of excellent red wines as well.


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